Printed Pants

One of the strongest spring trends this year is the printed bottom.  You will see brightly floral printed skinny denim or a tribal print on a wide silky pajama style pant.  Florals and tribal prints seem to be the preferred prints this year, but we are still seeing the ever popular leopard print from last year.

The selections can be overwhelming, and the prices are sometimes extreme.  These Dolce & Gabbana Cropped Peony Print Skinny Jeans can be found at Net-A-Porter for $745.

Although the print is gorgeous and bright, perfect for spring, the price is out of most of our budgets.

A bit more reasonable is the Current/Elliot Floral Stiletto Jeans found at Shopbop for $214.  I love how the floral print is muted and soft.  These would look great with an open weave sweater and boots right now.  In the warmer months, you could pair them with sandals and a simple tank or tee.

I loved the idea of this trend but did not have the budget to spend over $100 on a trend that might not be around in a year.  I found my pair at Zara for $59.

Now these are a bit brighter, but I loved the oversized tropical feel of these.  I’m not a soft romantic kind of dresser.  Think studs over bows.  For a fraction of the designer prices, I am able to jump on the trend without spending a fortune.  This is how I styled my pair today.

I wanted to tone down the pants a bit, so I wore a olive trench that picks up on some of the darker olive in the print.  And those shoes are getting their own post soon!  I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with this purchase.  I know that they will be worn to bits this summer.

If you are not familiar with Zara, their business model is pretty advanced.  They don’t design their lines a year out like everyone else.  Instead, they wait to see what other designers are doing and copy the trends for the mass market.  Reasonably priced, but in limited supply.  Everything is made in small batches to avoid leftover merchandise, so that makes everything a limited edition.  I would suggest buying something you like, because most likely if you think about it too long, it won’t be there next week.  They offer free shipping and free return shipping, so what do you have to lose?  Don’t forget to jump your clocks ahead this weekend.  Happy Spring!