Chloe Groove Wedge Sandals

If you have been following my blog, you already know that I have small feet and love my finds from Nordstrom Rack.  I have also found that the best deals come at the most inappropriate times.  Like when I found the Vera Wang Larissa over the knee boots in June.  Well this time I found sandals in October.  Salt Lake is blessed with a beautifully warm day today as we are in the warm before the storm.  The snow is coming in two days.  So to celebrate the almost 70 degree day, I decided to test drive these sandals.

This is my first pair of wedges.  I usually don’t like wedges.  I don’t know exactly what it is about them I don’t like, but I’ve avoided this trend for years.  I saw this pair, not in the designer section, but in the regular shoe section.  And this is where I always find the best deals, like the YSL Tributes.  Initially, I wasn’t sure they would fit, since the European sizing on the bottom of the shoe was 36.5.  Depending on the maker and style, I’m usually between a 35 and a 36, but rarely can I fit anything larger.  But I tried them on and what do you know?  Perfect.

I really liked the simple design that Chloe is known for.  What really sold me on the sandal was the black and brown combination.  I can see this going with so many outfits because of this color combo.  I also really liked that the heel wedge has a slim silhouette and isn’t thick and clunky.  These sandals retail for $795 and I got them for $250.  Oh, yeah!  Love good deals.  Have a great day and I’m back to black tomorrow.