International Women’s Day Outfit

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining the Girl Scouts of Utah as they celebrated International Women’s day with an amazing dinner program at The Complex.  I love supporting the Girls Scouts since they provide much needed mentoring and education of girls.  This is always a fun event and I seem to run into other great women active in the Salt Lake community.

I haven’t done an outfit post in a while, so I took some photos of my outfit from yesterday.  This was a very Zara heavy outfit.  The blazer, faux leather peplum top and shoes were all found from Zara online.


This outfit works because the tweed blazer adds some polish to the slouchy boyfriend jeans.  The faux leather top works well under the blazer mostly because the break on the peplum is in line with the break in the blazer, so both flare out at the same point.  This can be tricky when layering a peplum top underneath something else.

Zara top

Then there are the shoes.  I’m loving simple pointy toed shoes this spring.  These reminded me of the Alexander Wang pair that I picked up for my birthday, but about a 10th of the price.  I was most amazed at the fact that Zara had them in a size 5, which they almost never do.  The woven metallic toe piece is a great way to add a bit a shine to the outfit without overpowering.

Zara shoes

Happy International Women’s Day and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

parting shot


Topshop Glitter Ambush Boots

When I get fixated on something, it becomes an obsession and I must have them.  Last fall I saw a photo of these Topshop glitter booties and I had another addiction.  Unfortunately these particular boots sold out in a matter of minutes and I was having a hard time finding them.  Of course eBay came to the rescue and I was able to find a pair in my size for not much more than Topshop sold them for.  Sometimes the shopping gods come through for me.

The low heel and double zipper entry makes these boots super comfy and stylish.  I don’t have many flashy shoes, so these fit the bill when I want something a bit fun for my outfit.  The only downer is that the glitter comes off easily and I’m noticing some bare patches already.  I guess I’ll have to re-glitter them down the road, but that’s ok.

Its getting colder here in SLC, so I had to find some warmer outfits.  I still refuse to break out the heavy coats or sweaters even though it is bitterly cold when I walk my girls to school.  Here I have gray tie dye skinny jeans from BDG, a olive trench like jacket and a black faux leather top from Zara.  The jacket I found at Nordstrom Rack two years ago and it is a very lightweight cotton.  Too thin to make for a substantial coat, but a great layering piece.

The sleeveless top is from Zara and also makes for a great layering piece.  The back of the top is actually a sheer knit, which helps with ventilation.  Faux leather can be very hot.  I like having another black top with a different texture that I can layer under blazers and sweaters this winter.

Oh, and I don’t know why my smiles come out as an Elvis smirk.  I guess I’m smirking in these pictures.  Ugh, just ignore that part of the photos.  Like I’ve said before, I don’t like modeling.  Happy Fall!