My Love for Phish

I usually try to keep my insane Phish obsession on my personal mediums, but I feel like sharing.  Most of you have very little knowledge about this band from Vermont.  Some of you might know of them, know the “type” of people that like them, know the kind of music they play even if you don’t personally enjoy it.  Many of you might understand the kind of obsession I’m talking about. It might be for another band you love or it might be NASCAR.  You understand the passion.  A rare few of you really get it and get Phish.

Thousands are congregating in Bangor, Maine today to see Phish kick off their summer tour.  Thousands more will be glued to their computers and smartphones this evening to get live streams and updates from the show.  I will be one of them.  I will be vicariously living through my friends who will be dancing tonight and every tour stop along the way until I get my chance to dance later this month.

I will never try to convert you or try to make you understand why Phish is such a important part of my life.  It’s beyond words for me.  It’s a feeling I only feel when I’m in the moment at a Phish show.  That moment so clear, so joyful, that it brings tears to my eyes.

Here are a few guys who express this much better than I do if you want to understand more: Please Me Have No Regrets.

Have a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend.



New Beginnings

I’m spending some quality time with my daughters today knowing that we will be heading back to the craziness of life tomorrow. I’ve been truly blessed this year life. I think about my adventures and realize that when I’m down and complaining, I’m just being a whiny pussy.

I also have realized that although I initially started this blog to expose my business, I’ve fallen into the trap of the “quantified self”. Looking for outside approval, looking for affirmations from others to quantify my efforts. I’m not sure this is a healthy way to live. Our electronic world provides us with immediate “likes”, “favorites” and “re-tweets”. All of which makes us believe that what we have to say is important, that we are important. Attached to our screens, but not to each other.

I’m done. This year, I’m working on my real relationships. Instead of posting about my outfits, I’ll be wearing them and hoping you see me in real life, rather than just on your computer. I want to get involved with the people who are making Salt Lake City a more beautiful and diverse place to live. I want to challenge you to spend less time looking down at your phone and more time looking into each other’s eyes.

I might still post when I’m really excited about something and want to share, but I’m not going to post just to keep up the views. Just to affirm what I am doing. I’m going to keep doing what I want. No offense, but your opinion doesn’t matter.

I Love NY


Since I haven’t told you much about me, most of you don’t know that I taught high school social studies for 5 years. On this day, eleven years ago, I was getting ready to leave for school with the Today show on the TV. And like many of you, was struck with the devastating visual of smoke coming out of the World Trade Center. I watched in disbelief, but had to peel myself away from the television to get to my job. The entire day was surreal as I had the news on in my classroom all day and I tried to explain to my students the best I could about what had happened and why. I will never forget that day.

As we enter this hostile political season, may we try to keep reason in our beings. With rapid succession, the talking heads tell us what to believe and think. This goes for both sides. I just want you to use intelligence and reason to filter what is being spewed at you on a daily basis. Both sides will have their spin. Both sides have their agenda based on their funding sources. Both sides will lie to get ahead. As a former American Government teacher, I try to teach each individual to reach an opinion based on your own research and not what others try to sell you as the truth. Because there is no truth in the election season, only cold hard cash that feeds the lies.

I love The United States of America. I even love this flawed political system, because I truly believe in what it could be. I was 4 years old when my family moved to New York City. Although I haven’t lived in NYC in over 25 years, I still consider it to be home. My love for fashion leads me back all the time and I will always have the pulse of that city running through my veins. On this September 11, 2012, I Love NY.

I Don’t Want To Be A Model

Just because I blog, does not mean I aspire to model. These days most of the fashion bloggers out there come from money and look like models. I am not one of them. I just blog to share things that I love and to promote my store. I’m ok with this. I hope you are too.

So, if you see photos of my outfits with my head cut off, it’s because I don’t really care for how my face looks. I am in no way ugly, but I also have issues with my appearance, just like many of you do. Focus on the clothes, the shoes, the nails, and of course the bags.

Oh, my closet isn’t filled with the latest designer clothes. I’m pouring my funds into my business. I think about if I didn’t have my store and the money I could have spent on Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang & McQueen, but that kind of thinking will not help me get ahead. Keep on movin on.