50 Days of Black Day 32

50 Days of Black Day 32

Not a very exciting outfit. Gray skinny jeans, black long sleeve AllSaints top and black Vera Wang Larissa over the knee boots. My arm party consists of a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, a copper bangle I got at Craft … Continue reading

My New Favorite Polish

A month ago I posted about my obsession with holographic nail polishes.  I just got more last week, but this week I finally put on the other Jade brand polish that I’ve had.  OMG!  This is now my new favorite polish.  I might have to buy more and stock up on it.  Cause you know how you fall in love with something and then the company decides to stop making it.


This is a color called Magia, sometimes Magia Negro from Jade.  A dark gray, almost black with a very vivid holo.  I’ve been staring at my nails every time the sun or light hits it just right and brings out the rainbow.  Very distracting and I’ve had one of the least productive weeks since I’ve been wearing this polish.  I will change it this weekend and show you some of the other Layla colors I got.  Hope you had a great Halloween and here’s to a amazing Movember.

Holographic Nails

I love good holographic nail polishes, but am often disappointed with what looks great in the bottle, but doesn’t deliver on the nail. I first got into holos from OPI, who made a Designer Series about 10 years ago that were the best. My two bottles are down to nothing and even tons of thinner have not gotten them to a good consistency. But I’ve found a new brand.
Jade is new brand of polish from Brazil. I know you are saying, “when did she go to Brazil?”. I’ve never been to Brazil, but I do have a favorite website for unique indie nail polishes that you can’t find in our stores – Ninja Polish.
One of the reasons that I love this holo is that you don’t need a special base coat to make the holographic feature really pronounced. Many others do. I also love how the holo is linear and makes a rainbow. Let me show you.

I know this picture is fuzzy, but it shows the linear rainbow that I am talking about. Instead of colored glitter all over the nail, the light makes a neat rainbow.

Here’s a focused picture showing the holo better. Oh, and please excuse my nasty cuticles and dry hands. Blogger faux pas.

This photo is under indoor lighting and shows the color the best. This color is called Energy and might be my new favorite. Have a great week!

Two Drunk Coats

So here’s a new kind of post. Hopefully it won’t be a regular, but it might. I have way too much polish, so when I was drunk last night I decided to put on two colors that are very similar to see which one I need to get rid of.


This is Essie Cocktail Bling.

So which is the keeper and which one goes? What do you think?

Triangle Nail Art

I wanted to do another nail post, since it has been a while.  Summer is the best time for fun nails.  I’m convinced that my tan hands make the bright colors look even better.  I saw this technique with tape, but I happened to have some Sally Hansen french nail strips in my drawer, so I used them instead of regular tape.  I might have gotten cleaner lines with the thinner tape, but I’ll have to test that theory out next time I do my nails.

I started out with 3 coats of Essie Tart Deco.  I probably could have gotten away with two coats, but I didn’t do a very good job painting, so I needed 3 to make it nice and even.

Then I used the tape to section off where the triangles were going to be.  Make sure you press the seam flush to your nail, so polish doesn’t sneak underneath the tape.

Then paint the coordinating color in the areas you taped off.  I used two coats since again my painting skills were not great.  Make sure your nails are completely dry before taking the tape off.  Peel the tape slowly to get a clean line.

After removing the tape, top it all off with a good top coat.  The light blue I used in the triangles was Julep Robin.  As you can see, there were some areas that I didn’t press the tape down enough and the points of the triangles were a bit wonky.  Overall, a fun and easy way to add some art to your nails, even if you are artistically challenged like I am.  Have a great one folks!