Men’s Style Blogs I Love

In honor of Father’s Day coming up next weekend, I thought we could take a look at a few blogs that feature men’s style.  I was watching Bill Cunningham’s new video titled Frontiersmen and Bill talks about how men’s fashion is really exploding right now.  More and more men are really paying attention to dressing well and adding their own flare to their personal style.  As a fashion fanatic, I love this.  I would love for all men to move beyond tee shirts and jeans or cargo shorts and start dressing smart.  To give some of you fashionably challenged men some inspiration, here are my favorite blogs focusing on stylie men.

My all time blogger crush is on This Fellow.  He is just the cutest thing I have ever seen.  I love how Bobby shows us how to wear office appropriate clothing with the juxtaposition of his gauged ears and armful of tattoos.  And don’t overlook his older posts, especially the ones where he’s shirtless.  Sigh.

Let’s move on to the next blog, Munrowe.  Justin Livingston has a laid back street style and loves his arm party as much as I do.  He reminds me of another Justin, it could be his curly hair.  Oh and did I mention I have a thing for redheads?  Love his look below rocking the croc embossed Ben Minkoff Milo Tote.

Another great blog is called Closet Freaks from Anthony and Dustin.  These two guys share a closet and show us how two wardrobes is more fun than one.  These guys are more preppy in style, so think polo shirts and printed shorts.  They have great style and compliment each other well without looking like twins.  I guess one benefit of same sex relationships is the shared closet.  I’m totally on board with this idea as long as I can share closets with Sarah Jessica Parker or Rachel Bilson.  I think they are about the same size as me.

My last blog I have mentioned before on my Facebook page.  The Murse Game is the brilliant idea from a former personal stylist to celebrities who wanted to dispel the myth that only European men carry bags.  Remember that Seinfeld episode?  The options are endless and his photos show us how real men can carry a bag well.  The search for a perfect man bag is on.  Join the Murse Game!

If you like any of the blogs I mentioned, you should follow them.  Just like you should follow me if you have liked what you have read.  Purse Dreams has a Father’s Day sale going on right now.  20% off any men’s item.  Get your guy a bag, so he doesn’t have to borrow yours.  Have a great weekend!