My Love for Phish

I usually try to keep my insane Phish obsession on my personal mediums, but I feel like sharing.  Most of you have very little knowledge about this band from Vermont.  Some of you might know of them, know the “type” of people that like them, know the kind of music they play even if you don’t personally enjoy it.  Many of you might understand the kind of obsession I’m talking about. It might be for another band you love or it might be NASCAR.  You understand the passion.  A rare few of you really get it and get Phish.

Thousands are congregating in Bangor, Maine today to see Phish kick off their summer tour.  Thousands more will be glued to their computers and smartphones this evening to get live streams and updates from the show.  I will be one of them.  I will be vicariously living through my friends who will be dancing tonight and every tour stop along the way until I get my chance to dance later this month.

I will never try to convert you or try to make you understand why Phish is such a important part of my life.  It’s beyond words for me.  It’s a feeling I only feel when I’m in the moment at a Phish show.  That moment so clear, so joyful, that it brings tears to my eyes.

Here are a few guys who express this much better than I do if you want to understand more: Please Me Have No Regrets.

Have a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend.



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