New Beginnings

I’m spending some quality time with my daughters today knowing that we will be heading back to the craziness of life tomorrow. I’ve been truly blessed this year life. I think about my adventures and realize that when I’m down and complaining, I’m just being a whiny pussy.

I also have realized that although I initially started this blog to expose my business, I’ve fallen into the trap of the “quantified self”. Looking for outside approval, looking for affirmations from others to quantify my efforts. I’m not sure this is a healthy way to live. Our electronic world provides us with immediate “likes”, “favorites” and “re-tweets”. All of which makes us believe that what we have to say is important, that we are important. Attached to our screens, but not to each other.

I’m done. This year, I’m working on my real relationships. Instead of posting about my outfits, I’ll be wearing them and hoping you see me in real life, rather than just on your computer. I want to get involved with the people who are making Salt Lake City a more beautiful and diverse place to live. I want to challenge you to spend less time looking down at your phone and more time looking into each other’s eyes.

I might still post when I’m really excited about something and want to share, but I’m not going to post just to keep up the views. Just to affirm what I am doing. I’m going to keep doing what I want. No offense, but your opinion doesn’t matter.