50 Days of Black Day 3

This was actually yesterday’s outfit.  I realized after I was taking the pictures that my outfit was also a well priced outfit considering the components.

The quilted jacket is from Zara that I bought at the end of the summer.  They don’t have the short sleeve version anymore, but you can still get the long sleeve version here.  The shirt is from the Sarah Jessica Parker line Bitten that I bought from Steve & Barry’s before they closed down.  The jeans are also from Zara.  I love the black on black print that fit in with the baroque trend this fall without being too over the top.  Here’s a closer shot.

The shoes are Cole Haan that I found at my favorite shoe haunt, Nordstrom Rack.  They are a heeled oxford that I found for about $100 and I wear them all the time.  By the looks of these pictures it’s time to give them a good polish.  Still not sick of black, but I’m not even a week into this challenge.  Have a great Wednesday!


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