Red Lips

I love red lips. Mostly because my drooping Asian eyelids have made eye make up almost impossible. But also because even on a naked face, a red lip looks fancy. Red lips are so hard to maintain during the day. Matte colors stay put, but are so drying. Glosses and stains don’t last very long. I now have a few new favorites to share with you.

I’ve mentioned the YSL Glossy Stain earlier this year when I was searching for a bright orange to wear during the summer.  Well I also purchased color No. 9 and it is a great bright red.  The gloss isn’t too tacky and as it wears during the day, there is a slight stain left on the lip.   The other product is new to Sephora called Lip Tar from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  I even love the name of the brand.  I chose a bright red called NSFW, which they claim is a true balanced red.  It is more of a blue toned red than I usually go for, but I loved the product so much, I had to buy it.  What I love the most is that the color is truly saturated and you only need a tiny bit on the brush to cover your entire lip.  The color stays on really good, but I’ve also noticed that it bleeds more than thicker lipsticks.  The company suggests that you use a clear Lip Tar base to prevent this, but I didn’t bother.  I think that it might be my new favorite red.

Sorry about the crappy phone pictures, but I doubt a real camera would have made me look much better.  Have a great week!


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