I Love NY


Since I haven’t told you much about me, most of you don’t know that I taught high school social studies for 5 years. On this day, eleven years ago, I was getting ready to leave for school with the Today show on the TV. And like many of you, was struck with the devastating visual of smoke coming out of the World Trade Center. I watched in disbelief, but had to peel myself away from the television to get to my job. The entire day was surreal as I had the news on in my classroom all day and I tried to explain to my students the best I could about what had happened and why. I will never forget that day.

As we enter this hostile political season, may we try to keep reason in our beings. With rapid succession, the talking heads tell us what to believe and think. This goes for both sides. I just want you to use intelligence and reason to filter what is being spewed at you on a daily basis. Both sides will have their spin. Both sides have their agenda based on their funding sources. Both sides will lie to get ahead. As a former American Government teacher, I try to teach each individual to reach an opinion based on your own research and not what others try to sell you as the truth. Because there is no truth in the election season, only cold hard cash that feeds the lies.

I love The United States of America. I even love this flawed political system, because I truly believe in what it could be. I was 4 years old when my family moved to New York City. Although I haven’t lived in NYC in over 25 years, I still consider it to be home. My love for fashion leads me back all the time and I will always have the pulse of that city running through my veins. On this September 11, 2012, I Love NY.


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