Holographic Nails

I love good holographic nail polishes, but am often disappointed with what looks great in the bottle, but doesn’t deliver on the nail. I first got into holos from OPI, who made a Designer Series about 10 years ago that were the best. My two bottles are down to nothing and even tons of thinner have not gotten them to a good consistency. But I’ve found a new brand.
Jade is new brand of polish from Brazil. I know you are saying, “when did she go to Brazil?”. I’ve never been to Brazil, but I do have a favorite website for unique indie nail polishes that you can’t find in our stores – Ninja Polish.
One of the reasons that I love this holo is that you don’t need a special base coat to make the holographic feature really pronounced. Many others do. I also love how the holo is linear and makes a rainbow. Let me show you.

I know this picture is fuzzy, but it shows the linear rainbow that I am talking about. Instead of colored glitter all over the nail, the light makes a neat rainbow.

Here’s a focused picture showing the holo better. Oh, and please excuse my nasty cuticles and dry hands. Blogger faux pas.

This photo is under indoor lighting and shows the color the best. This color is called Energy and might be my new favorite. Have a great week!

Is It Fall Yet?


The official first day of fall is this Saturday, but it still feels summery here in Salt Lake City.  I love the cool evenings and early mornings, but the afternoons still get into the mid 80’s.  Dressing for 20 degree temperature changes are challenging, but here is what I wore yesterday.  I purchased the blazer from Zara in the spring and only wore it a few times before it got too hot.  The shorts I found at another local shop, Hip & Humble, this week on sale.  And to be honest, I was eyeing it earlier in the summer, but couldn’t justify the price.  But at half off, I couldn’t resist.  The two pair well together as the oranges and blues pick up on each other.  Wearing mis-matched prints works if you stay within the same colors in the prints.  Otherwise you have too much going on.  Have a great weekend!

Fall 2012 Trends – Exotics

As you shop this fall, you will see exotic prints everywhere. Snake print skinny jeans are the most popular version of this trend. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing strong animal prints, but it is much more wearable in accessories. This week to celebrate our 1st anniversary, Purse Dreams is offering 30% off full priced and an additional 10% off sale priced exotics. Here are some of my favorites.

This satchel from Rebecca Minkoff is made from stingray embossed leather. I love how the silver stingray like leather gives a bit of shine without being too bold. This classic shape holds a ton and even has a shoulder strap for when you need to have your hands free.

This style is absolutely one of my new favorites from Rebecca Minkoff. A simple envelope shaped wallet on a chain. The chain can be removed for use as a wallet or a clutch. These come in a variety of colors, but these two show how exotics are not that scary in a small accessory.

These totes show another exotic trend in accessories. Calf hair or pony hair has been a popular choice in high-end handbags and shoes since it adds texture in addition to the variety of color possibilities. I personally think these Bordeaux Totes from Pour La Victoire uses the perfect amount of fall color blocking in an elegant shape. The winged gussets are also very trendy this year.

This final bag is the Rebecca Minkoff Lucious hobo in Python print. For a fraction of the cost of real python, this bag will fool most people. The silver hardware is a great compliment to the print on this roomy hobo.

Spice up your wardrobe this fall with an exotic accessory and get a great deal in the process! Have a great week.

I Love NY


Since I haven’t told you much about me, most of you don’t know that I taught high school social studies for 5 years. On this day, eleven years ago, I was getting ready to leave for school with the Today show on the TV. And like many of you, was struck with the devastating visual of smoke coming out of the World Trade Center. I watched in disbelief, but had to peel myself away from the television to get to my job. The entire day was surreal as I had the news on in my classroom all day and I tried to explain to my students the best I could about what had happened and why. I will never forget that day.

As we enter this hostile political season, may we try to keep reason in our beings. With rapid succession, the talking heads tell us what to believe and think. This goes for both sides. I just want you to use intelligence and reason to filter what is being spewed at you on a daily basis. Both sides will have their spin. Both sides have their agenda based on their funding sources. Both sides will lie to get ahead. As a former American Government teacher, I try to teach each individual to reach an opinion based on your own research and not what others try to sell you as the truth. Because there is no truth in the election season, only cold hard cash that feeds the lies.

I love The United States of America. I even love this flawed political system, because I truly believe in what it could be. I was 4 years old when my family moved to New York City. Although I haven’t lived in NYC in over 25 years, I still consider it to be home. My love for fashion leads me back all the time and I will always have the pulse of that city running through my veins. On this September 11, 2012, I Love NY.

House of Harlow Sunglasses Sale

Purse Dreams is celebrating our one year anniversary and we are giving you gifts! Every week in September will feature an amazing deal on specific items in the store.

Our first week is featuring House of Harlow sunglasses at 30% off! These sunglasses fit a variety of face shapes and come in great designs. Here are a few I love.

These are the Linsey in black snake. This simple cat eye shape is so unique with the snake embossed leather. These are the sunglasses that will make people look twice.

Another one of my favorite styles is the Chantal in classic tortoise. A larger shape than the Linsey, but not overwhelming. The classic coloring makes this pair one that you will wear with everything.

The last pair I’m showing you today is the Emily in panther. The pearlized panther print pops on the face and I love the contrast of the matte brass bridge on this piece. Retro cool.

Come by or call the store and get your House of Harlow sunnies at a great deal this week only.