Transitioning Into Fall

I love buying clothes for back to school even though I don’t go back to school anymore.  This was the first year I took my girls to do their back to school shopping with me and unfortunately they are hooked too.  The worst part of back to school shopping is always wanting to wear the new fall clothes you just got, even though it is still 95 degrees out.  Here are some of the ways I like to transition my summer wardrobe into fall.

Here is a dress from Fresh I’ve been wearing all summer.  Love the hi-low hem and the bright print.  As you can see, I am wearing the dress with sandals and it screams summer.  But see how easily it transforms to a fall outfit with a few minor changes.

All I did was add a cropped jean jacket and short boots and now the same dress looks appropriate for back to school night.  You can do this with just about any summer dress.  Add a leather jacket, blazer, or denim jacket and change out the sandals for short boots and instantly you have a new fall outfit.

Here’s a simple jeans and tee-shirt outfit, with an obvious leaning towards summer.  The lighter pants (the Gap) and gray top (Splendid) are not so appropriate for fall even though the leopard print jeans will still be in trend.  Pick your favorite outfit, like this one and simply replace them with darker colors and you have your fall twin.

You see here I have basically the same outfit, but in darker colors which work much better for fall.  I still have leopard print jeans (Current Elliot) with a simple tee (Bella Lux), but this time in a rich oxblood that will work well with tall black boots and a black chunky sweater when it gets really cold.

You don’t need to go out an buy new clothes every fall and spring.  Think about how adding a black blazer or one pair of  darker printed jeans can add to what you already have in your closet.  Happy shopping!


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