Liebeskind Berlin

Many of you have never heard of Liebeskind Berlin, but if you lived in Europe, you would know the brand well.  The name means love child in German and you’ll know why when you see these buttery soft bags in person.  Here are some of the Liebeskind bags you will find at Purse Dreams.

This is the Cosia Vintage.  A hobo style bag with cut leather.  I love this simple shape and how the cut leather detailing makes this bag even more interesting without obnoxious logos or hardware.  Here’s a detail of the cuts.

This style comes in this amazing mauve like pink as well as a rich brown and winter white.  They happen to be on sale right now from $279 to $168.  What?  A real leather bag for less than $200!  I know, my sale room is insane.

One of my favorite features of Liebeskind bags are that they include a removable long shoulder or cross body strap with most of their styles.  This makes the bag so much more user friendly.  I know that when I’m running around with my kids, the last thing I need is to hold one more thing.

This is the Helen in dark red.  A great color for fall, but even better is that the piping adds a punch to the simple tote.  The long strap makes this bag even more versatile and a great deal at $265.

This satchel is one exception when it comes to the removable shoulder strap and it doesn’t have one.  I also think that this shape wouldn’t translate well with a longer strap.  The soft suede is accented with square leather patches and silver studs.  Such a perfect bag for all your fall outfits and it can be yours for $279.

This giant open tote is one of the few bags made by Liebeskind that isn’t super smooshy.  The leather is deeply embossed with a croc print and has a slight stiffness to it.  This bag is so amazingly lightweight considering its size.  This Thea tote is on sale from $429 to $319.

The Zoe tote is also made from the amazingly light embossed leather.  This tote has a zip top and a smaller size.  It does come with shoulder straps and several outside pockets.  This tote can easily fit a small laptop or tablet along with all your other work essentials.  On sale from $399 to $299.

A favorite of customers is the Maike.  This fall Liebeskind made the bag in a fun soft leopard print, but we also have it in a range of colors and finishes.  This is a small cross body with three zippered compartments in addition to a slot pocket under the front flap.  I know that customers love lots of compartments to help organize their bags and this small bag does the trick.  Even better is that the shoulder strap adjusts so that the bag sits exactly where you like it.  A great bag at a great price, $195.

Don’t forget Purse Dreams will be closed from 8/30 through 9/3 for the Labor Day weekend, but come in and see these amazing bags when we get back in September.  Purse Dreams will be celebrating our 1st Anniversary with weekly deals that you won’t want to miss, so keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapette, or this blog.  Have a great end to your summer!

Two Drunk Coats

So here’s a new kind of post. Hopefully it won’t be a regular, but it might. I have way too much polish, so when I was drunk last night I decided to put on two colors that are very similar to see which one I need to get rid of.


This is Essie Cocktail Bling.

So which is the keeper and which one goes? What do you think?

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto – Outfit of the Day

My girls started school today!  What do I love the most about back to school?  The new outfits of course!

Quirky is just one of the adjectives I would use to describe my style.  I tend to gravitate towards rock and roll edgy with a classic foundation.  I love funky tops that you could easily wear with jeans and heels.  The outfit I wore yesterday is the perfect example of what I mean.

The jeans I’ve had for several years from Lucky and it is the Riley slouchy skinny style that they don’t make anymore, but I loved them so much that I purchased the same style in 3 washes.  Two pairs in this particular wash and one I had cropped shorter than the other for summer wear.  The reason I love this particular style is that it is 100% cotton without any stretch to them and they have a slim boyfriend look.  I might have to cruise evilbay for more pairs.  If you are looking to find a pair for yourself, make sure you size down from your usual Lucky size.  They run big.

The print is what sealed the deal on this Zara shirt.  I initially saw it on a dress with a white background, but decided it was too much for an all over print on a dress.  But on this sheer top, it was perfect.  The robots are too cute!

Of course I had to match the red shoes on the robots with my new red shoes.  I mentioned these in my previous post on red trending strong this fall.  This was the first time I wore them and I’m in love.  I would have also loved the Isabel Marant Poppy pumps I posted about last night, but I really don’t need two red suede pumps.  Who am I kidding?  When did “need” ever come into play when we are talking about shoes?  Have a great week!

Transitioning Into Fall

I love buying clothes for back to school even though I don’t go back to school anymore.  This was the first year I took my girls to do their back to school shopping with me and unfortunately they are hooked too.  The worst part of back to school shopping is always wanting to wear the new fall clothes you just got, even though it is still 95 degrees out.  Here are some of the ways I like to transition my summer wardrobe into fall.

Here is a dress from Fresh I’ve been wearing all summer.  Love the hi-low hem and the bright print.  As you can see, I am wearing the dress with sandals and it screams summer.  But see how easily it transforms to a fall outfit with a few minor changes.

All I did was add a cropped jean jacket and short boots and now the same dress looks appropriate for back to school night.  You can do this with just about any summer dress.  Add a leather jacket, blazer, or denim jacket and change out the sandals for short boots and instantly you have a new fall outfit.

Here’s a simple jeans and tee-shirt outfit, with an obvious leaning towards summer.  The lighter pants (the Gap) and gray top (Splendid) are not so appropriate for fall even though the leopard print jeans will still be in trend.  Pick your favorite outfit, like this one and simply replace them with darker colors and you have your fall twin.

You see here I have basically the same outfit, but in darker colors which work much better for fall.  I still have leopard print jeans (Current Elliot) with a simple tee (Bella Lux), but this time in a rich oxblood that will work well with tall black boots and a black chunky sweater when it gets really cold.

You don’t need to go out an buy new clothes every fall and spring.  Think about how adding a black blazer or one pair of  darker printed jeans can add to what you already have in your closet.  Happy shopping!

I Don’t Want To Be A Model

Just because I blog, does not mean I aspire to model. These days most of the fashion bloggers out there come from money and look like models. I am not one of them. I just blog to share things that I love and to promote my store. I’m ok with this. I hope you are too.

So, if you see photos of my outfits with my head cut off, it’s because I don’t really care for how my face looks. I am in no way ugly, but I also have issues with my appearance, just like many of you do. Focus on the clothes, the shoes, the nails, and of course the bags.

Oh, my closet isn’t filled with the latest designer clothes. I’m pouring my funds into my business. I think about if I didn’t have my store and the money I could have spent on Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang & McQueen, but that kind of thinking will not help me get ahead. Keep on movin on.

Are You Flirty?

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I just got back from vacation earlier this week, and still catching up on unpacking at home and at the store. For those of you still enjoying the last drops of summer sun, a warning that Fall is here.  Well at least in the retail world it is.  I wanted to show you something that is new to Purse Dreams, the Rebecca Minkoff Flirty.

These cute little bags are my new favorite.  I love the simple shape and great color options.  For those of you who are familiar with Rebecca Minkoff bags, these Flirtys measure 8″ wide and 5.5″ high with a 2″ depth.  Similar to the size of the discontinued Boyfriend shape, it is a great bag for just your essentials when going out.  This style is being offered in a variety of colors and details.

Above you see it in the Kiwi color, which is a great olive-green.  All the Flirtys come with a leather woven chain strap and most will have stud detail along the bottom and sides.

This Flirty in an amazing red, called Lipstick, also has quilting and studding to add more punch to the small bag.  I adore this one and think that it would go great dressed up as well as with simple jeans and tee outfits for a pop of red.  In case you missed my post about fall color trends, red is very hot this fall.

What makes this Flirty different is the piping detail on the bag.  It gives the small bag more of a men’s wear look.  I love the gun metal hardware with the dark gray leather.  I have a weakness for gray bags and have 4 in a variety of sizes and styles.  I feel that gray is such a great neutral and goes with everything.  I would keep this one for myself if I didn’t need another gray bag like I needed another pair of black shoes.  Oh, the problems of a shopaholic.

Come in to Purse Dreams and check out all of the amazing Fall bags starting to come in.  For those of you who don’t live in Salt Lake City, Purse Dreams is offering free shipping for all of the bags in our online store for a limited time.  Like us on Facebook to find out about another great deal that is being offered only until August 18th!  Happy shopping.