Triangle Nail Art

I wanted to do another nail post, since it has been a while.  Summer is the best time for fun nails.  I’m convinced that my tan hands make the bright colors look even better.  I saw this technique with tape, but I happened to have some Sally Hansen french nail strips in my drawer, so I used them instead of regular tape.  I might have gotten cleaner lines with the thinner tape, but I’ll have to test that theory out next time I do my nails.

I started out with 3 coats of Essie Tart Deco.  I probably could have gotten away with two coats, but I didn’t do a very good job painting, so I needed 3 to make it nice and even.

Then I used the tape to section off where the triangles were going to be.  Make sure you press the seam flush to your nail, so polish doesn’t sneak underneath the tape.

Then paint the coordinating color in the areas you taped off.  I used two coats since again my painting skills were not great.  Make sure your nails are completely dry before taking the tape off.  Peel the tape slowly to get a clean line.

After removing the tape, top it all off with a good top coat.  The light blue I used in the triangles was Julep Robin.  As you can see, there were some areas that I didn’t press the tape down enough and the points of the triangles were a bit wonky.  Overall, a fun and easy way to add some art to your nails, even if you are artistically challenged like I am.  Have a great one folks!


3 thoughts on “Triangle Nail Art

  1. Thanks ladies! I love fun summer colors for the summer. Now I have to try the foil method to remove the Julep America on my toes and do something with them. Ugh, glitter hell!

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