Style Crush on Miroslava Duma

In case you missed the article in the New York Times last week, The Czarinas Are Back, featured some of the hottest Russian fashionistas to hit the scene. I’ve already blogged about one of my favorites, Ulyana Sergeenko, but another one of my favorites is the petite Miroslava Duma, who is almost never seen without a statement necklace. I totally relate to her love of platform shoes, since we both barely stand over 5 feet without them. Here are some photos of Mira that I love, and check out the NYT article for more background and a slideshow of the other lovely Russian ladies.

I’m obsessing over the striped Tommy Hilfiger sweater seen in the second picture, so if you see it for sale anywhere, please let me know. Have a great weekend and stay cool people!


One thought on “Style Crush on Miroslava Duma

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