Fall Trends 2012 – Cool Cobalt

Another one of my favorite colors that is trending now is cobalt blue.  Put away your pastels from this summer and pull out deep blues for the fall.  I just picked up a pair of amazing LAMB pumps in cobalt suede that I will wear with simple tee shirts and jeans.

You don’t have to jump into a trend from head to toe.  Many times you can pick up a small accessory in the hot color to punch up simple outfits.  Here’s a scarf in this rich blue from Zara that you can wear with so much.

If you like to dress more boldly, then I would recommend some of these options.  Here is a gorgeous sheath dress from Lanvin that would stop men in their tracks.

Now most of us don’t have the budget for Lanvin, although we wish we did.  There are great alternatives.  My favorite comes from Zara and this dress gives you a similar shape in the amazing cobalt color.

With unlimited funds, I would pick up this amazing lurex sweater from Prabal Gurung.  It would dress up any black pant or skirt with a bit of edge.

I think that cobalt is a great color for leather bags.  It stands out against dark winter colors better than navy and who doesn’t love a bright bag for the dreary winter months.  Purse Dreams has amazing bags in this color including this small Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip that you could easily wear cross body over your heaviest winter coats.

I’m hoping you now have some shopping inspiration for fall.  I will be on vacation this next week, so other than the random photo post, you won’t hear much from me.  I’ll be back in early August with sneak peaks of what you might see next spring.  Have a great weekend!

Fall 2012 Trends – Scarlet Fever

I know you are saying, “didn’t you just post about oxblood?” And you are right, but red is not the same as the deep wine tones of oxblood and deserves its own post. I own a dozen or so items in red. Most of it have been accumulated during the last 10 years I’ve lived in Salt Lake City. For those of you who have no interest in collegiate sports, The University of Utah Utes wear crimson. I married into Utes nation and now I am a proud owner of many red items to show my Utah pride.

Red on the lips is my favorite way to wear this trend. My Asian eyelids are drooping and this makes eye make-up a joke. I use bright lips to counter the bare eyes. But I know not everyone can pull off a bright red lip, so here are some more user friendly ways to incorperate this trend into your fall. I think that the black and red combination is a classic. This dress from Thakoon shows how red layered underneath the black really makes the dress pop. The simple sillouette makes this dress a classic even in such a bold design.

Another designer to show this trend is Victoria Beckham, who designed this dress with the simple black accents to bring attention to the chest and waist. Posh Spice is known for her body hugging designs, but I think that this dress would only flatter the super tall and skinny.I think that the most amazing use of these two colors comes from Equipment, who makes amazing silk blouses, but here they used a strong python print in red and black for this beautiful dress. I’ve ordered this print in a blue shirt, but now I am eyeing this dress to wear with black tall boots and a black cardi or blazer.

Are these dresses too much red for you? Then the next best thing is to punch up a basic black outfit with some bright accessories. Oh, how I love accessories! I would wear this necklace from Marni with a black turtle neck, yes I like turtlenecks, and jeans. A statement necklace is sometimes all you need to make the outfit.

I have been on the hunt for red pumps and I found the perfect pair at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last week. These shoes by Sam Edelman are a classic in red suede with a pointy toe, which by the way is coming back this fall. Get it now through Nordstrom at a great price of $79.90.

Bags are another great way to wear this trend. I love how this Olivia Harris Bowler Satchel uses red and black in a classic shape. This sophisticated bag would look great with work clothes and as well with jeans. You can find this bag at Purse Dreams on sale for $364.

Have a great weekend and happy shopping!

Fall 2012 Trends – Oxblood

I know it is still hot and humid out there, but here in the retail world, we are already thinking about fall.  Fall is my favorite time for shopping.  Maybe it is because this is when my yearly school clothing budget would be allotted from my parents, so I could go shopping.  I was not very good at budgeting and most of my money was spent by the time my birthday rolled around in November, so I would have to wait until next fall for more new clothes.  I guess that’s why I started working in the malls for the spending money and the discount on the clothes.

Most fall trends tend to come back every year.  Deeper richer colors always come back every fall, just like brighter colors come into fashion every spring and summer.  I wanted to give you a sneak into what I think will be some of the trends you will see this fall.  I will concentrate on one new trend in each post this next week.

Bleeding Oxblood

One of the perennial colors that come back every fall is oxblood.  This year is no exception.  You will see deep shades of wine all over the fall selections. 

Hollywood has jumped on this trend early and the starlets have chosen dresses in this deep shade for their red carpet events this summer.

Jason Wu used the bordeaux color for this gorgeous cape accented with black for a sophisticated look.

One of the best looks on this trend comes from AllSaints, who makes some of the most coveted leather jackets around.  This beauty is a standout with the quilted oxblood sleeves and the black leather body.  Yes please!

Of course I have to include some examples of this trend in handbags.  I think that bags using this rich color instantly adds ladylike sophistication.  In this Rebecca Minkoff Circle Quilted Swing, the gold chain and sparse studding adds just the right amount of edge to a very classic style.

Finally, my favorite bag in this trend comes from Pour La Victoire.  Their Bordeaux Totes are made with calf hair and leather in rich colorblocking.  I can’t think of a better tote for fall.

Happy Bastille Day!

I barely remember any French I was supposed to learn in high school.  The funny thing is that my girls are learning Spanish and sometimes I will try to say something in Spanish and realize later it was in French.  I guess I remember more than I realize.  So to celebrate Bastille Day, I will be going to get my favorite French treat from my favorite bakery in Salt Lake City.

Les Madeleines has an amazing selection of pastries and treats, but my absolute favorite is the Kouing Aman.  I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing these things are.  All I can say is that I have been known to lick the plate clean of all crumbs from this precious pastry.  Kouing Amans are light layers of fluffy flaky dough with this amazing caramelized crunch on the outside.  I don’t even know why I try to describe it.  Here’s a mouth-watering picture instead.

Just a warning, these babies sell fast and there is no guarantee that there will be any left if you get there later in the day.  Les Madeleines does sell them online and will overnight ship them out to you.  I have been known to buy a dozen and bring them with me to visit family.  You don’t have to take my word on these treats, you can read the volumes of accolades on their website.  I just called and ordered mine to celebrate Bastille Day.  Have a great weekend!

Triangle Nail Art

I wanted to do another nail post, since it has been a while.  Summer is the best time for fun nails.  I’m convinced that my tan hands make the bright colors look even better.  I saw this technique with tape, but I happened to have some Sally Hansen french nail strips in my drawer, so I used them instead of regular tape.  I might have gotten cleaner lines with the thinner tape, but I’ll have to test that theory out next time I do my nails.

I started out with 3 coats of Essie Tart Deco.  I probably could have gotten away with two coats, but I didn’t do a very good job painting, so I needed 3 to make it nice and even.

Then I used the tape to section off where the triangles were going to be.  Make sure you press the seam flush to your nail, so polish doesn’t sneak underneath the tape.

Then paint the coordinating color in the areas you taped off.  I used two coats since again my painting skills were not great.  Make sure your nails are completely dry before taking the tape off.  Peel the tape slowly to get a clean line.

After removing the tape, top it all off with a good top coat.  The light blue I used in the triangles was Julep Robin.  As you can see, there were some areas that I didn’t press the tape down enough and the points of the triangles were a bit wonky.  Overall, a fun and easy way to add some art to your nails, even if you are artistically challenged like I am.  Have a great one folks!

Style Crush on Miroslava Duma

In case you missed the article in the New York Times last week, The Czarinas Are Back, featured some of the hottest Russian fashionistas to hit the scene. I’ve already blogged about one of my favorites, Ulyana Sergeenko, but another one of my favorites is the petite Miroslava Duma, who is almost never seen without a statement necklace. I totally relate to her love of platform shoes, since we both barely stand over 5 feet without them. Here are some photos of Mira that I love, and check out the NYT article for more background and a slideshow of the other lovely Russian ladies.

I’m obsessing over the striped Tommy Hilfiger sweater seen in the second picture, so if you see it for sale anywhere, please let me know. Have a great weekend and stay cool people!