Pretend Shopping Net-A-Porter Sale

I’ve already shown you the Alaia studded beauties earlier in the week.  They’ve sold out.  Darn it, and I was just going to plop down $1089 for them.  So, lets pretend shop some other items from the Net-A-Porter sale.  I got this idea from a great new blog I just found called Girls of a Certain Age.  She has such a genuine voice and in this land of blogs where everyone looks like models and loves everything that companies send them for promotion, Kim France knows how important it is to be real.  Kim used to be an editor for Lucky Magazine, so you know she has honed fashion chops, but her blog is not just about fashion.  Check, check, check it out.

I drooled over these Brian Atwood Claudia pumps when photos surfaced last year of his spring line.  Oh how I am such a sucker for anything turquoise.  The beaded detailing on the heel is the clincher.  Stunning!  And so much more affordable at $1480.

I’ve written about my YSL Tribute Sandals before, but these are a summery twist on the classic.  The rich brown leather and wood sole makes it a bit more casual, yet still classy.  Wear with a flowy maxi dress for the perfect summer outfit. Again a steal at $766.

Eddie Borgo makes the most amazing statement pieces of jewelry in a rock and roll style that I’m attracted to.  This gunmetal crystal encrusted spike bracelet is calling my name.  I would love an arm party with this guy on it.  Half off now for $500.

The dream jacket of mine from Isabel Marant is now sold out and not on the site anymore, but it was $1900 off the original price.  A steal at $2799!  I guess that purchase was not meant to be either.  I’ll post a photo I took off the iPad while pretend shopping the other day.  So here’s the cutest, softest playsuit that you will want to wear all summer for $315.  It’s from the Etoile Isabel Marant line and I actually was wanting this since I love how this shorts playsuit has long sleeves and is made from a super soft cotton in a light blue ethnic print, but it’s now sold out in my size.

This silk maxi dress is so perfect for summer.  Lightweight, fun colors, and prints are all over this summer.  I’m not familiar with the designer Duro Olowu, but this is something I would snatch up considering what a deal it is for $2694.

Now, you know I would never buy a bag from anywhere else except Purse Dreams, but since we are pretending, I would get this Alexander Wang clutch.  Wang has that edgy style in all his accessories that I adore.  This cute clutch with the dalmatian print and boxy shape would go with all my other black accessories.  Hehehe.  Buy now for $315.

So my grand total for my pretend shopping spree was just over $6000!  No bad for pretend shopping.  I think I got some pretty good deals.  And some things that I have been obsessing about for a while.  What is on your pretend shopping list?  Come on, I know you have one.  Happy shopping!


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