Rebecca Minkoff Matinee

One of my favorite bag designers is Rebecca Minkoff. She has gone from a fledgling bag designer to full on fashion maven. Her bags have been a favorite of many, but now her clothes, shoes, and sunglasses are seen everywhere. I love her downtown romantic aesthetic, but more than anything, I love how much thought goes into her designs.

A style of bag that Rebecca Minkoff no longer makes, happens to be my favorite. The Matinee is one of the most unusual satchels around. There are so many great features of this bag, that I had to share with you.

First of all there are 8, yes 8 outside pockets. No other bag gives you this many options to organize your goodies. There are flat zippered pockets on each side of the bag with an open slot pocket just below them. Then at the ends of the bag, there are two more zippered compartments hidden under the flaps with magnetic closure slot pockets. We haven’t even inside the bag yet! The main compartment of the bag zips closed and inside there are two open slot pockets and another zippered pocket on the other side.

Like most Rebecca Minkoff styles, there is the full-sized version of this style and the Mini version. I like the smaller size for my petite frame, but I think that the larger main opening of the full-sized Matinee makes it more user-friendly for most. The Glazed Espresso is full-sized and the black suede is the mini sized. In overall length, there isn’t much difference, but in volume, the full-sized version does hold a lot more.

The most unique feature of this bag is how the side flaps can fold up revealing the leather or suede underneath. The Glazed Espresso has olive suede flaps and I love the contrast of the suede with the pebbly leather.

Unfortunately, this is not a style that Rebecca Minkoff makes anymore, but keep an eye on the secondary market for gently used versions from years past. As you can see, I love this style and have two bags in different colors. Do you have a style of bag you loved so much that you bought it in multiple colors? Or am I the only crazy one who does this?


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