Designer Sale Season Starts NOW!

I online shop like I have millions to spend on my wardrobe, but the reality is that I just drool over all the lovely things I wish I could buy.  But now is the time to open your wallet and get some great deals.  Most major high-end retailers start their seasonal discounts on designer items the first week of June, but this year everyone is jumping on the bandwagon early.  Here are the sites that I would recommend you checking out.

Net-A-Porter is a favorite shopping site of mine, if only to see how well they put everything together and the detailed pictures of every item.  I’ve been dreaming of these Alaia sandals for a few months now, but even at the sale price it is not going to show up at my house any time soon.

Barneys New York has started their designer sale too.  I’m seeing tons of great deals, but these JBrand coated jeans are a steal right now and you will wear them a ton this fall.  I’m seriously contemplating taking the plunge on these.  Ooops, in the time I was writing this post, they are now gone in my size.  See, you guys have got to be quick to take advantage of these sales.

Nordstrom also has their Half Yearly sale going on right now.  They don’t announce their designer sale, but it is going on as we speak.  Here is an amazingly versatile black silk dress from Balmain that I would scoop up if it were in my size.

Last, but not least, Neiman Marcus has an amazing selection in their designer sale.  I’m drooling over this red Valentino Rockstud tote.  I don’t have a red bag yet, and I have such a weakness for studs.  Sigh.

These sales tempt me to spend like a Kardashian, but my budget is more in line with Thrift Town and their color tag sales.  Purse Dreams has marked down all of its Rebecca Minkoff in addition to all the other sale items.  Now is a great time to get that summer bag you have been dreaming of.  Happy Shopping!



Collectors are a different breed. If you have ever watched American Pickers, you know what I am talking about. People who collect are obsessive about their precious collections. It doesn’t matter if you collect purses or Pyrex, the obsession is the same. I used to have a Pyrex problem. I’ve replaced that obsession with shoes, which is way more expensive, but takes up less room. I’m in the process of paring down my Pyrex collection. This started when the bottom shelf below was destroyed to my dismay a month ago. But when I wasn’t crying over the shattered Pyrex, I realized that it was time to let some go.

My Pyrex collection started about the time my first daughter was born. I think it was the shock of being a stay at home mom and needing to surround myself with pretty things in the kitchen. I have always loved vintage things, and kitchen ware was something that I could justify buying since I was now in the kitchen a lot. Like my warped reasoning? I visited the Deseret Industries, which is the Salvation Army or Goodwill of Utah. I found beautiful items for a few dollars. And with time to fill, I visited DI several times a week. This is how an addiction starts. Pretty soon I had a beautiful collection.

My favorite color is turquoise, so the Blue Snowflake Garland is my pattern of choice. I also have a variety of other patterns including the Blue Amish and Horizon. For those of you starting your Pyrex collections, Pyrex Love is the best resource for all the pattern names and availability. You can see that I also have an affinity for milk glass, or as my husband calls it, “dead grandma glass”. When I die, my Estate Sale will be awesome! People will be going through my dead grandma collection and drool.

In this age where everything is plastic and disposable, I love how these Pyrex pieces have survived multiple decades and are still as useful. I use my Pyrex mixing bowls on a daily basis and most of my dishes are vintage Corningware that I have found over the years. My collection has spilled into the store. I love how the dishes can be used to display the small leather goods in my vintage rosewood secretary that I purchased from The Green Ant.

Honesty, the hunt is my favorite part.  I think this is probably the case with most collectors.  The biggest hint I will give you is to not limit yourself to the one aisle of dishes when looking for Pyrex.  Look in the aisle with the holiday decorations, look by the pots and pans.  Thrift stores are notorious for not placing sets together.  I found this set in 4 different locations within one store!  I used the set for over 3 years and then just this past winter, gave it to my dear friend in Seattle for her wedding gift.

The vintage Pyrex market is not as outrageously priced as a few years back and you can always find them at your local Goodwill, yard sale, or my favorite – estate sales. I wish I had more time to hunt like I used to, but honestly I don’t need more Pyrex. What do you love to collect? Happy hunting!

Vince Camuto Jo Mary Janes

I know you have a million apps on your smartphone like I do, but only one allows you to vicariously shop through the eyes of other fashionistas.  One app that I keep using is called Snapette.  I have used this app to promote my store, but also to shop the lovely pictures of all the shoes and bags that I could never afford, or never have time to seek out.  The beauty of this app is that the person taking the picture can include the store location and price for those of us who need to find that particular item.  Oh, and recently brands have been using Snapette to increase their social media presence and hold contests for the users.  That is how I won these Vince Camuto Jo Mary Janes.

Yup, I won these!  Just by taking pictures of other Vince Camuto shoes when I was out shopping.  What!?!  I got rewarded for shopping?  Now that’s my kind of contest.  I was able to pick out a pair from their current inventory, but because of my small feet, the selection was not large.  I was hoping to get a pair of bright colorblock sandals for this summer, but none in my size.  Then I saw these were in my size and realized what a versatile pair they would be.  As you know from previous shoe posts, I am a fan of the platform.  I was also smitten by the brogue trim on the patent leather and the cap toe color blocking.  These Jo Mary Janes are still available and  are on sale too!

I wore them today with a Rodarte for Target dress, a Gap vest and belt.  I’m graduating from the Banking On Women program this afternoon and needed to look professional for all those GE bankers who help fund the class.  I hope you all have a great week and make sure you follow Purse Dreams on Facebook for updates on what we have in store.

Rebecca Minkoff Matinee

One of my favorite bag designers is Rebecca Minkoff. She has gone from a fledgling bag designer to full on fashion maven. Her bags have been a favorite of many, but now her clothes, shoes, and sunglasses are seen everywhere. I love her downtown romantic aesthetic, but more than anything, I love how much thought goes into her designs.

A style of bag that Rebecca Minkoff no longer makes, happens to be my favorite. The Matinee is one of the most unusual satchels around. There are so many great features of this bag, that I had to share with you.

First of all there are 8, yes 8 outside pockets. No other bag gives you this many options to organize your goodies. There are flat zippered pockets on each side of the bag with an open slot pocket just below them. Then at the ends of the bag, there are two more zippered compartments hidden under the flaps with magnetic closure slot pockets. We haven’t even inside the bag yet! The main compartment of the bag zips closed and inside there are two open slot pockets and another zippered pocket on the other side.

Like most Rebecca Minkoff styles, there is the full-sized version of this style and the Mini version. I like the smaller size for my petite frame, but I think that the larger main opening of the full-sized Matinee makes it more user-friendly for most. The Glazed Espresso is full-sized and the black suede is the mini sized. In overall length, there isn’t much difference, but in volume, the full-sized version does hold a lot more.

The most unique feature of this bag is how the side flaps can fold up revealing the leather or suede underneath. The Glazed Espresso has olive suede flaps and I love the contrast of the suede with the pebbly leather.

Unfortunately, this is not a style that Rebecca Minkoff makes anymore, but keep an eye on the secondary market for gently used versions from years past. As you can see, I love this style and have two bags in different colors. Do you have a style of bag you loved so much that you bought it in multiple colors? Or am I the only crazy one who does this?

Cancer S**ks

I haven’t told you much about myself on purpose.  I feel like here is a proliferation of TMI in this web world.  But recently several people close to me have had to fight the big C.  Some have lost, some have won, some are still fighting.  I’m so sad, but more than anything, I am really angry.

What is happening with our environment, that so many young, relatively healthy people are getting cancer?  Is it from pollution?  Is it from genetically altered foods?  Is it from all the screen time we expose ourselves to?  I’m not an expert in any way, but I don’t like seeing people who I care about have to go through this ugly disease.

Adam Yauch of The Beastie Boys died yesterday from cancer.  This put me over the edge.  This man was a huge part of my young adult life.  From fighting for my right to party to bodhisattva vow, I felt like this man knew my progression in life.  My love for these three Jewish jokers out of the NYC was strong, but I felt the closest to MCA.  Adam was a student of Buddhism and probably made peace with cancer, but I haven’t.  I can’t name another band that has seen me through such a huge span of my life.  Although there are bands that I now listen to more often, I don’t think there will ever be another group like The Beastie Boys in my heart.  Yesterday my heart was broken, by someone who didn’t even know me.  But I knew him.


Outfit of the Day

I have been lurking the Zara website waiting for this jacket to pop up.  It does not disappoint!  This jacket is not quite a blazer, but more like a sweater cardigan.  The color in real life is more of an orangey red than the real red on the website.  It has black and white tweed trim and a zebra print lining.  Love the combination of the black and white with the bright color.  Throw it over a simple tee with jeans and I have a very put together look with little effort.  I see myself getting lots of wear from this beauty.