FRYE Dara Campus Stitch Sandal

I really need to do a bag post eventually.  I guess I’m surrounded by purses on a daily basis, so my shoe obsession needs an outlet.  These FRYE sandals came to the market Spring of  2010 and I knew I had to have the teal version.  I’m a sucker for anything turquoise or teal.  I loved how the leather wrapped your foot, so that even with the high heel and platform, it seemed pretty stable. I’ve worn these sandals for two summers now and I’m glad they are in my closet since they go so well with oranges that are the color of the summer.

I am wearing BDG Twill Grazer Mid Rise from Urban Outfitters, Liefsdottir blouse from a few years ago, and a necklace from Koo De Ker.  Here are close ups of these lovely shoes.

Have a great week everyone!  And I promise a purse post next.


2 thoughts on “FRYE Dara Campus Stitch Sandal

  1. Hi are these shoes high to walk in? I’m interested in getting a pairings sale but they look crazy high heeled and I’m sceptical.. Love that blue colour u have but may go for the brown

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