Make Up Obsession

I don’t wear much make up.  Most days it’s just a lip gloss or stain.  I don’t like sticky glosses or the waxy smell of most lipsticks, so I stick to stains for some color.  Really great cheap options are the ones from Revlon or Cover Girl.  But since last summer, I’ve been obsessed with finding a bright orange color for my lips.  I wear bright red during the fall and winter, but wanted something different for the warmer months.  I wasn’t thrilled with the orange options out there till this year.  Maybe Tangerine Tango being the Pantone color of the year had something to do with it?  Here are my current make up obsessions.

Lets start with the Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color – this pencil shaped lip color is very highly pigmented, so you get a rich color, which is sometimes hard to find.  I was so excited to find this, since it didn’t have the waxy fragrance that most lipsticks have.  Also, I find that this is a great base for the next obsession.

The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain.  This is an amazing gloss/stain that came out late last year.  I am not a fan of super sticky glosses, but I was looking for something that would add color without too much shine.  This was the best find of the year!  I was too excited to see that they had a bright orange in their color selection.  I really love how the gloss will wear off slowly, but the color stains your lips, so you still have some color after the gloss is gone.  My only complaint is the price -$32, ouch.  At least I was able to use my Sephora discount for this tube, but my heart is now set on another color.  Sigh.  Another bothersome trait is the scent.  It is not waxy like other lip products, but perfumy.  It was initially very annoying, but I found that it does fade after some time.  I think I can live with it since the product is so unique in the results it gives.

Lastly, I have included my favorite scent, other than the LUSH ones that I previously blogged about.  This is a perfume oil called Nudite Intense.  I’m not a perfume wearer.  HATE strong scents that most people love.  I like light, almost not there scents.  This one is soft and just smells clean without being too soapy or floral.  I got mine at Nordstrom a few years ago, but found that they don’t carry it anymore.

What are your current make up obsessions?  I love finding out about new products.  Oh, and I would have posted pictures of me wearing these lovely lip colors, but the close ups of my zits were not cute.


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