Style Crush Isabel Marant

I am not an authority on fashion, but I love fashion in a very unhealthy way.  My sister, who works in the fashion industry, is amazed at my wealth of knowledge and tracking of trends.  I think my daughters have caught the bug too, as my youngest loves my Lucky magazines.

One of my favorite designers that I will never be able to afford is Isabel Marant.  She epitomizes Parisian cool in a way no other designer does.  Off duty models and actresses are often seen wearing her amazing items.Image

That’s Isabel Marant on the left with one of the models from her Spring 2012 runway show.  Her belief is that women want to look great without looking like they are wearing “outfits”.  Any of her pieces can easily be integrated into most wardrobes.  I’m especially fond of her jeans and jackets.  But honestly, I would wear anything she wanted to design.  My closet is calling out for some Isabel Marant (specifically the jacket below), but my wallet won’t allow it.

These images are from her Spring and Fall 2012 lines.  And if you are now officially obsessed as I am, you can follow an amazing blog called the marant philes.  Have a great weekend!


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