Color Block Nails

Another quick nail post.  I cruise many nail blogs and am amazed at how talented some of these women are.  I do not have advanced art skills, so most of the tricky artwork I will not even attempt.  But I saw this idea somewhere, and instantly knew I could handle it.

So first you start off with two colors that would look good together.  I chose NARS Pokerface and OPI Fly.  I put the lighter color first, since I didn’t think that the light purple would layer well over the bright blue.  Two coats of Pokerface with a clear topcoat.  I focused on making sure that it was nice and even closer to the cuticle, since I knew the lower part of the nail would be covered with the blue.

Then I used reinforcements, yes, the kind you used in high school and college to keep your 3 ring loose leaf paper from ripping.  I haven’t used those in maybe 20 years, so I had to go get some.  Carefully place the reinforcement sticker on your nail by the cuticle.  I tried to arrange it so that I only got a small section covered, but you could do more depending on the look you wanted.

Then you can paint two coats of your top color, carefully letting it dry before taking the stickers off.  This was the first time I tried this, so here is some advice.  Make sure the sticker is sealed well, especially at the edges of your nail.  Kinda like painters tape, if you don’t have a good seal, then you will get some bleeding.   Also, make sure when you paint the top color, you have a good coating along the entire edge of the sticker, this way you get a good line.  This is what it looked like after I took off the stickers and added another clear top coat.

Not bad for my first try.  I love the color combination I picked out and will try this technique with other colors this summer.  Let me know what you think and share pictures of your nail art.  I would love to see what you have done.


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