Betsey Johnson Serenn Booties

I know that it seems weird that I own a handbag boutique and I post mostly about shoes, but I’ve loved shoes for so much longer than bags. I remember being in middle school and already begging my mom for shoes when we went shopping at Macy’s. The bag obsession didn’t start until college and really it hasn’t become a problem until about 5 years ago.

I’m short, no make that petite. At a whopping 5’1.5″, I love how heels elevate me and give me a different perspective. I feel different when wearing heels, less mommy, more stylin. I have loved the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots since I first saw them about a year ago, but never took the plunge. Then this last fall, I received a Nordstrom catalogue that had these amazing booties that looked like the Lita’s, but more feminine. I fell in love with these.

See the similarities? The same covered platform bootie style as the JC’s, but different enough. I liked how the scalloped eyelet trim and pointier toe gave it a more daintier flare. I’m also a sucker for grey suede.

I even love how Betsey uses her signature leopard print on the sole of the shoe. A fun way to show everyone that these are indeed, Betsey Johnson. These are major heels with a 5.5″ heel and a 1.5″ platform. Like I said before, I love the added height. You can still find some sizes of the Serenn here SERENN SUEDE BOOTIES WITH SCALLOP ANKLE – Betsey Johnson. Have a great weekend and don’t forget today is the Shop Around the Block event in Salt Lake City, so go out and support your local shops.


2 thoughts on “Betsey Johnson Serenn Booties

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