Flakies for Nails

Some of you are getting into the nail polish obsession that I unfortunately have.  This disease can seriously overtake your bathroom drawers, so be careful!

Here to help enable your addictions is another post on my favorite kind of topcoat, the holographic flakies.  There are several kinds out there now, but a few years ago they were hard to come by.  Now you can find them from Essie (Target or Walgreens), Nails Inc.(Sephora), Finger Paints (Sally’s Beauty Supply), and many others through the internet.  These flaky topcoats are great over any color to add texture without being hard to take off, like glitters can be.  My favorite way to show off these holographic beauties are to layer them over darker polishes.

I start with two coats of black.  This one is from Revlon.  I think it was called Knockout.  You don’t need a super expensive brand, but some of the cheaper brands are more sheer, so you might need 3 coats to get a good black base.  You can also use a vampy dark red, dark blue, or purple.  The darker the polish, the more the flakies will stand out.

This is how it looks after one coat of the flaky.  I used Finger Paint Motley, which has green and bluish purple flakes.  I really like  to have the flakes show up, so I add another coat.

You can see how two coats of the flakies really show up on the black base.  I recommend a top coat to make the mani really pop.

I’m glad I took these pictures right after I painted my nails.  I washed some dishes last night and ruined some tips with the hot water and scrubby sponge.  So, my obsessive self wants to re-do them this weekend.  I have issues.  Enjoy the sunny weekend!


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