Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals

Let me first tell you that if you are ever in the neighborhood of Nordstrom Rack, stop in!  Take a look at the shoe department, and not just the designer section.  I found these YSL Tribute 105 sandals in the normal shoe section without the original box or dustbag.  I almost lost it when I saw this pair sitting in the box.  I knew exactly what style it was and hoped that when I picked it up, it would be my size.  Cause you never know at the Rack.  Shoes get misplaced all over the place.

These iconic sandals were introduced by the fashion house in 2007.  Pretty soon these platform t-strap sandals were on the feet of Lauren Conrad, Beyonce, Olivia Palermo, and the Olsen sisters.  They come in a variety of colors, leather treatments, and embellishments.  They have a 5.5 inch heel with a 1.5 inch platform.  Surprisingly, they are fairly comfortable even at that height.  I really do love the way they elongate the leg and add over 5 inches to my petite frame.

This pair I picked up is in a color that Nordstrom has listed as Nero.  The black leather is pebbled and matte.  The straps are carefully woven to create the intricate vamp of the sandal.  So pretty!

This pair was marked a 36, which in European sizing can be anywhere between a 5.5 and 6 US.  I knew that I needed to try them on to see how this pair would fit.  A trick with Nordstrom Rack is that you should not believe the size on their sticker.  Sometimes I will find a pair that is marked 36 and the store sticker will list the size as 5, and I know that a 36 is more like a 6.

I got lucky with these.  The Tribute style can run a bit small depending on how wide your feet are, so the 36 was only a tiny bit big.  Close enough for me to take home and pad it up a little.  Here’s the kicker – they were $199 and I had $60 worth of Nordstrom notes!  Not bad for sandals that are still up on the Nordstrom website for $795.

May good shoe karma find you too!


5 thoughts on “Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals

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