Many people are excited for City Creek to open in downtown Salt Lake City.  It will be a beautiful place to spend a spring day outside and shop.  Honestly, I’m only excited for one store to finally grace our state with their presence.  It’s not Tiffany’s, Coach, or Michael Kors.  I am most excited for LUSH.

Some of you might know of them, but most probably are going “what is she talking about?”  LUSH started in England in the late 1970’s and was one of the first natural vendors to The Body Shop.  Soon they were creating luscious creations and selling them in their own stores.  They remind me of what The Body Shop was back in the 80’s.  Simple packaging, natural ingredients, still hand made in small batches.  I found LUSH when I lived in Seattle and visited Vancouver often just to stock up on LUSH products.  I started with their bath bombes and shower gels, and soon found some of my holy grails of body products.

The one product from LUSH that I always have in my house is their Dream Cream.  This is an amazing body and hand cream that is not heavy and sticky, but sinks right into your skin and moisturizes brilliantly.  Utah winters can be so harsh with the cold weather and heavily heated interiors, so this cream is a must after every shower to keep me from scratching like I have fleas. It has a light herbal scent that doesn’t clash with any other fragrance I might be wearing.  I really do love this cream.

Another one of my favorites is their scent Karma.  It smells of spicy, citrusy patchouli.  Think Phish show without the B.O. and pot smells.  It is light and not too heavy, which makes it much more wearable than straight patchouli, which sometimes can be overpowering.  This scent also comes in the amazing Karma Cream that moisturizes your skin and leaves a light scent.  Lovely!

Look at this soap!  I could bring it home an put it on display, like a raw cut of turquoise.  LUSH has some of the most unique products like solid shampoo, shower jellies, and henna’s in a large variety of shades that can dye your hair without damaging it.

So, let others bum rush Tiffany’s.  I’m going to grab a blue beauty in the form of soap.


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