Nail Tip

Here’s a quick post about nails. Recently I have become obsessed with nail polish. I change my polish every 3-5 days depending on my mood. I hate how quickly my tips start to chip, so this is what I do. Oh and excuse the poor quality phone pictures.

This is how my nails look after 2-3 days. So, instead of changing my mani, I’ll add glitter tips to extend the polish for a few more days.

Sorry that photo is sideways, but you get the idea. Those of you who have glitter polish know how hard it is to get off, so it is perfect for the tips! You can do a straight line like a French mani or more graduated if you have the skills.

Have fun!


3 thoughts on “Nail Tip

  1. Glitter tips! Brilliant! My nails chip so fast and I hate having to paint my nails every 3 days! You just saved a small part of my sanity. THANK YOU!

      • Well, considering I went out and bought 5 new glitter polishes today, I guess I just remedied one of my issues and replaced with another.

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