Purse Dreams is having a wallet sale this week.  25% off all wallets and pouches.  If you don’t have a wallet that you love, now is the time to get a new one.  Great wallets and pouches are essential to organizing your purse. Keep items like, earphones, chargers, makeup, or those pesky loyalty cards in small pouches to make it easier to find what you need in your bag.

We have lots of great wallets in several sizes, but my absolute favorite is the 49 Square Miles Clingy Wallet.  49 Sq Mi uses the finest Italian leather and you’ll know it when you touch this amazing wallet.  This is a large wallet, so it will not fit into most small bags.  But the benefit of having it be so large is how easily it can be used for a clutch.  It comes in amazing colors like this one in Sulfur.

  It has 12 card slots, two bill compartments, and two zippered compartments.  I love how it is open on the inside for me to throw in my phone and use it as a clutch.

 This leather will look better with age as it develops a beautiful patina.  I’ve had my wallet for about 10 months and this is how it looks.

So, if large wallets are not your thing, we have many different sizes.  The smallest would be the Moore & Giles card case, which is a great way to bring just a few cards with you and it easily slips into your back pocket for a night out.

Slightly larger would be the Moore & Giles Pocket Clutch wallet which has a great vintage look to it.  Three snapped flaps open to reveal several card sized compartments to keep everything organized.


 Another fun way to keep your cards and money together is the Rebecca Minkoff Benjamins wallet.  This flat zippered pouch has a few card slots and plenty of room for your “benjamins”.  This style comes in a variety of colors.  I love the look of this bright coral pebbly leather.

So come in this week and find the perfect wallet for your needs.


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